Over the past several years, my family and I have slowly begun to yearn for a simpler, more natural, more handmade way of life.

On top of eating more local, natural, whole foods, we started searching for more natural health alternatives for some of our small health issues. Mine was eczema. I had intended to find just a more natural treatment for the symptoms of eczema but then I learned about handmade soap.

What began as tentative baby steps turned into a huge passion for making soap and shampoo bars. These products don’t strip the natural oils from your skin, scalp and hair. Many detergent based bath bars and shampoos leave your skin defenseless, causing it to go into overdrive producing oil to try to balance itself out. This leads to more scrubbing and buying more products to continually moisturize your stripped-bare skin and hair.

If you love handmade, natural products but don’t have the time or desire to make them yourself; feel free to check out my store at:'s Homestead Logo Teal and Green


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